Examples of games which use ABC
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Obscurum Anima

A Dark Souls like game - defend the village from the Boss Brute. The enemy hits hard and does not give you a moment to breath. Dodge a multitude of devasting ground shattering attacks controlling a mystic knight who has access to fire based attacks.

Showcasing the potential of ABC to create the toughest bosses for your players the brute has hard hitting and difficult to dodge (but not impossible!) attacks. From jump smashes to tornado swings. Control a knight who's power grows with each hit. Once the energy bar is full pick from 3 abilities to turn the tide of battle including a speedy multi hit attack, a jump attack and a fireball which sets the Brute on fire causing him to burn for damage each second.

Magika Automatica

A showcase of a game made by ABC completely controlled by AI. Create 2 teams of up to 3 mages to battle it out. Choose from 5 different schools of magic all with their own unique fighting styles.

Fire mage can buff the attack of allies. Ice Mage will slow and debuff. Lightning Mage will summon additional offensive support. Light Mage will shield, erase debuffs and heal. Dark Mage will dispel buffs drain foes and convert the energy into heals for allies

  • Fire vs Lightning: 0:00 - 01:54
  • Fire & Ice vs Lightning & Light: 01:54 - 03:47
  • Ice & Dark & Fire vs Lightning & Light & Ice: 03:47 - 06:45

Ninja One

Ninja one is a fast-paced 3D ninja action mobile game with sword and magic spell attacks. The game is now available on both Android and iOS platforms.

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Train, battle and look after your own Tanamon. A virtual pet which is controlled by voice. Progress through levels by taking real life steps on your phone or commanding your Tanamon to walk whilst the game is running on your computer.

Whilst progressing through levels you will encounter and battle enemies which will try and prevent you from reaching the end of the level where a boss is waiting for you. Train your Tanamon in educational mini-games to increase skills which will give you a fighting chance in battle and also allows you to evolve your Tanamon to stronger entities permanently or temporarily in battle.


Every action - from mini-game playing to battle commands is done through voice. Play with over 3 Tanamon each with their own unique type of abilities in turn based voice activated action.

Zombie Dash

The worst has happened the Apocalypse is here! Mysterious purple deaths orbs have appeared all throughout the city raising the dead. No one knows where the orbs came from but one thing is clear they need to be gathered and destroyed to end the carnage.

Its up to you to clean this mess. Shoot through waves and waves of zombies whilst you navigate the city and collect all the orbs. Use a wide variety of guns to defeat all the different types of zombies from slow walkers to fast moving bruisers, keep an eye out for the toxic spitters! The odds are stacked against you, will you panic under the swarm of zombies?

One health bar, multiple levels. Test your skills and see which level you can reach before dying. There is no health recovery, just a city load of weapons. Reach new stages by completing the level objective like collecting all the mysterious orbs or taking down zombies.

Many different types of guns can be found scattered through the city including: Pistols, Assault Rifles, Shotguns, Rocket Launchers, Flamethrowers and highly advanced Freeze Rifles

Turbo Drive

This game has you battling in cars decked out in outragous weapons on unique arenas! Last car standing, 3 lifes, many cars fighting it out. Drive around arenas shooting and turbo smashing into other cars. Grab unique pickups to restock ammo or unluck temporarily boosts.

New technology has enhanced car combat. Each car has it's own style and class providing gameplay like you have never felt before. Each car has it's own unique weapons From heavy artillery to ice blasts.

The cars are fast and the weapons are explosive, up for the challenge? Take control of 3 cars over 3 arenas with more maps and cars being added very soon.


Drive in Heavy Metal with massive machine guns and rockets, jump in the driving seat of FrostBite with devasting chilling weapons or take up the wheel of Acid Tracks and spray corrosive poison everywhere.


Action based fantasy game. Control a warlock and a mystic knight as you adventure across the realm of Tidallius battling the forces of darkness.

Fight wave after wave of enemies as you search for and destroy hidden relics allowing the forces of darkness to stay within Tidallius. Only once all relics are destroyed will the lands be free of danger. Level up the adventurers and unlock powerful attacks and spells to aid in the conquest. Some abilities require both the warlock and mystic knight to perform correctly.

Equip new gear which will enhance your stats and allow you to destroy tougher foes. It will take teamwork from both adventurers to find the weakness of enemies and exploit them.

Fast paced third person combat over a multitude of different environments With many exciting spells and combat attacks. Including fireballs, earth attacks, holy strikes and more.