Picture of Ethan using the Blackhole Ability Picture of Ethan a Character from the Demo

Create Unique Abilities. It’s as easy as A-B-C.

Create a magnitude of abilities from melee attacks to magic spells, with no coding required. Each ability can be configured to apply an infinite number of effects like healing an ally, pushing an object or damaging an enemy. Abilities can be created for all types of games from third person action to first person shooters.

Make almost any ability imaginable each with its own graphic and unique features. Easily create a chain of combo attacks, a gun shot or lightning that flies from above to shock foes.

Speed Up Your Development. With easy to use UI.

All ABC configuration options are held in UI windows which are easy to navigate and use. Abilities and ABC features can be setup within minutes, with settings grouped within sections. Additional diagnostic and logging can be enabled to aid with ability testing and tracking.

Over 30,000 lines of code have been written to jump start your game with a click of a few buttons.

Wide Range of Features. Not just abilities, there's more!

As well as creating and activating abilities there is much more you can do with with ABC which all revolves around abilities, effects and combat. Some examples of additional functionality includes:

  • AI - Automatically activate abilities depending on scenarios
  • Health/Mana management
  • Target and Auto Target functionality
  • Automatic Object pooling for performance
  • Stat creation which can modify the potency of an effect
  • Scrollable abilities i.e swapping to a new gun, one at a time
  • Full animation control including hit reactions and more
  • Animation Clip runner allowing you to select animation clips to play without using Unity's Animator
  • Fully interactive icon toolbar/book which display cooldowns and more
  • UI functionality which can show who is targeted, health/mana, ammo, ability activation progress and more
  • Ability grouping which allows for abilities to become enabled or disabled depending on certain events
  • Export and import ability functionality
  • Save & Load system
  • ... and more!

Full Documentation. Easy Integration.

Documentation exists detailing each setting describing how it operates. It also includes quick step tutorials to get you started with ABC. Documentation exists both online and within the package.

ABC has been created with easy integration in mind, easily connect your own components and other assets to ABC with its easy to use function calls. Examples of this are included within the demo and explained through the documentation.

Free Assets. Graphics, animations and more ready to use in your game.

With ABC comes a load of free assets to use in your games. As well as an FPS shooter demo and a third person combat demo there is particle effects, sounds, animations and characters ready to be used with the tool.

Additional scripts used for the demos (not relating to ABC) are also avaliable for you to use, including camera and movement scripts.


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